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Pathompong Pechkongtong🔗

SRE | DevOps | Web Developer


Sellsuki Co., Ltd., (Bangkok)🔗

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Mar 2023 - Present)

  • Responsibility:
    • Maintain and improve the infrastructure for the company's SaaS product called Akita, Using Kubernetes (AWS EKS) with Terraform.
    • CI/CD and Automation with GitLab CI and ArgoCD.
    • Implemented observability, logging and alert system. Use FluentD, Prometheus, AlertManager, OpenTelemetry and Grafana LGTM (Loki, Grafana, Tempo, Mimir).
    • Implemented applications secret with Hashicorp Vault and External Secret Operator.
    • Implemented internal service access via Wireguard tunnel and Authentication with Google Workspace OIDC.
    • Design and implement infrastructures based on the customer's requirements (contract jobs).

Arthur SEA Co., Ltd., (Bangkok)🔗

Senior DevOps Engineer (Mar 2021 - Sep 2022)

  • Responsibility:
    • Transform infrastructure to Kubernetes (AWS EKS) with multi-account on AWS for Micro-Services Architecture.
    • Improve the performance, stability, scalability, and cost-effective.
    • Secure the infrastructure and application, Using Falco, Teleport, AWS Secret Manager.
    • CI/CD Automation, Using GitHub Action, AWS ECR.
    • Setup and provide the logs and metrics data for monitoring and investigation, Using FluentBit, Grafana, Prometheus, AlertManager, Elasticsearch, and Kibana.
    • Mentor Junior DevOps in the team.

DevOps Engineer (Apr 2019 - Mar 2021)

  • Responsibility:
    • Maintain and monitor existing infrastructure on AWS, Alert the team when system failure.
    • Dockerized local environment for company-wide.
    • Improve the deployment system, Using Jenkins.
    • Improve the internal network inside our office, Using VPN for the internal network secure access.

Web Developer (Mar 2019 - Apr 2019)

  • Responsibility:
    • Develop a property management system called Arthur, Using CakePHP Framework, NodeJS, and Python.

Power Systems Integration Co., Ltd. (Bangkok)🔗

Full Stack Web Developer (Jun 2016 - Jun 2018)

  • Responsibility:
    • Management project that provides the data to customers with RESTFul API. using PHP, Redis, MSSQL MariaDB,, Vue.js.
    • Setup and maintain On-Promise servers, Using Vmware ESXi, Linux(Debian) and Windows Server OS.


  • Languages: Go, Bash, PHP, Python
  • Tools: Git, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes
  • Software: JetBrains, VSCode, Microsoft Windows (WSL), Arch Linux
  • Cloud Service: AWS
  • SASS Service: GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira, Sentry, SonarCloud


Cha-Uat Wittayakarn Secondary School — 1997 - 2000